Physique Assessment

Physique Assessment

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A once off VIDEO physique assessment where our comp prep coaches will feedback on your physique.

We will require you to fill in some details PRIOR so that we can assess with detailed feedback.

You will send through either a posing video and or as well as photos standing front, side, back and side if you have not competed or posed before, if you have you will send posed photos. As well as your diet history, training regime and any questions you have for the assessment/feedback.

We will then feedback on:
- Which federations, divisions you may want to aim for

- Timelines as well as what we feel you could work on prior to stepping on stage or going into a contest preparation phase.

- Feeding if you send posing video on potential areas of changes here

- Feedback on overall shape, structure, symmetry and balance of your physique

This is IDEAL for those who want to know if competing is for them OR they want feedback on a previous comp prep and outcome.

We provide feedback for: ICN, ANB, IFBB, WBFF any other federations please email

TURN AROUND TIME- 10 business days MAXIMUM but we aim to do it as fast as possible once we have all of your information.