Team Round online health and fitness coach

Qualifications Tertiary

Cert 3 and 4 fitness Diploma of Fitness

Qualifications/certifications Short Courses:

Girls Gone Strong  / Pre and Post Natal 

Dr Kasey Jo Orvidas / Health Mindset Coaching Certification

Layne Norton / Science of Nutrition

Precision Nutrition / Level 1

We Move Seminar / Sohee Lee, Bec Chambers, Katie Crewe, Shona Vertue

Muscle Mechanics Seminar / Eugene Tao

Breakthrough Mindset Workshop  /  Nicolas De Castella

Coaching Code  /  Alice Round, Sean Mclaney

Boutagy Fitness Institute / Level 1, 2, 3


Over 6 years experience in face to face Personal training 

2 years online coaching

Areas Of Expertise
  • Lifestyle transformations, helping everyday clients realise their potential and helping them improve their quality of life through training and nutrition guidance.
  • Fat Loss results - teaching clients the fundamentals of fat loss, energy balance and nutrition. Teaching them about a flexible dieting approach for long term sustainable results reducing food fear and restriction so they can start to enjoy food again.
  • Resistance/strength training, technique and proper movement. I’m passionate in helping people move better and execute proper technique in exercises to ensure injury prevention and longevity of training.
  • Pre and Post Natal. Coaching women to train throughout the different phases of pregnancy and a postnatal period with a safe return back to exercise.
Brief Bio On Your Why As A Coach:

Why I became a coach… honestly this isn't what I or anyone I knew growing up would have imagined. Coming from a childhood where I didn't enjoy sports or exercise at all. It is a massive 180 degree change but that is why I became a coach. I want to show women it's never to late to make changes in your life that can completely improve your physical and emotional self. I started training and becoming interested in my nutrition and health in my mid 20’s. Once I started I haven't looked back, I found my fire in my soul and wanted to share what I was experiencing with other women in the world. There is so much misinformation in the industry, I started with believing the fad diets, yoyoing up and down, restricting and cutting foods but soon realized that proper education on training and nutrition would give me sustainable results and a life that I absolutely love. It's now my mission to educate women about sustainable habit changes and providing different tools that will allow them to get amazing results but keep results for the long term. I'm passionate about working with women who are looking for long term sustainable results and want to really educate themselves on how to train and look after themselves through nutrition. Women who want to better themselves to become the best version they can be whatever that looks like to them.  I really love watching not only the physical change that can occur when guided but most of all the confidence, self belief and mindset growth that you see change within these women along the journey.