Alice Round

Team Round Online Health And Fitness Coach

Qualifications Tertiary:

Bachelor of Exercise Sport Science
Post-graduate studies in Dietetics
Cert ¾ Health & fitness & management

Qualifications/certifications Short Courses:

Precision nutrition level 1

Pre and Post Natal Certification- Girls Gone Strong & JPS health 

JPS health mentorship

JPS health contest prep short course

Biolayne Advanced nutrition for fat loss

John Meadows Paul Carter Hypertrophy training

Ben Pakulski Short Course M140

Brianna Battles training the post partum athlete course


Personal trainer for 8 years

Online coaching for the last 7 years

Total industry years = 13

Worked in some of perth’s premium gym/coaching facilities as well as coaching online since 2015.

Areas Of Expertise
  • Gen pop fat loss transformations
  • Building muscle mass & strength
  • Contest preparation- bodybuilding
  • Contest preparation- powerlifting
  • Fertility
  • Pre and Post Natal training
  • Pregnacy training
  • Improving the food relationship
  • Improving mindset
  • Improving gut health and overall wellness
  • Reverse dieting
Brief Bio On Your Why As A Coach:

I grew up in an athletic place, I was always the “runner” that was my identity and as quit a shy kid, having sport and a passion for it allowed me to gain confidence and come out of my shell. I saw also within this pursuit that if you trained and worked hard on something you could get even better, beyond what you thought capable. I sought out education in the studies I did at university to further my knowledge base to help people and through that realised that education is really the base for great results. That knowledge truly is power.

This made me passionate about helping our clients achieve real results, with knowledge and accountability as well as total honesty in what we do. My why comes from a place of wanting to see women build confidence, and “find there strong” no matter how that looks, we dont all need to be power lifters or bodybuilders to do so, strength to me is about internal strength and that is what we aim to build within our clients.