My Very Own Booty Transformation – What I Did to Achieve It

My Very Own Booty Transformation – What I Did to Achieve It

I am well aware they are not the same angle (about 6 years between and about 10kg heavier), but I struggled to find any old pics after breaking several iPhones and computers over the years.

The old pic was back when I was running. I was a cardio bunny with a combination of distance and sprint work, very minimal resistance training mainly circuit work 2 times a week and I had NO IDEA what the term ‘glute activation’ even meant. I used to suffer on-off lower back issues and hamstring tendinitis when I was a runner, which basically stopped any form of athletic progression.

After numerous injuries, I began to work with a physio and study sport science and understand the issues with my back and hamstrings were mainly due to POOR glute engagement not only during my running but also in daily movement and, in particular, in the gym.

My athletic weight programs were centred on lunges, deadlifts, with no real form correction. And looking back, I had horrible form.

Once I began to understand that:

  1. If I wanted to get stronger and reduce injuries…
  2. If I wanted to grow a butt…

…then I had to focus on isolated glute work as I wasn’t genetically blessed with much mass there and didn’t have efficient biomechanics. It started not being focused on aesthetics but reducing injury and this happened, since training glutes specifically, improving mobility in my quads/hammys and lumbar, and fixing form on compounds I haven’t struggled with any hamstring or serious lower back issues.

There is more to growing a butt than the aesthetic. So GUYS don’t be scared to hip thrust if you’re struggling with feeling the wrong areas on your compounds.

Training, for me, is about a combination of longevity, strength and aesthetics. Because when you’re 80 aesthetics fade. But I still want to be getting my weight training on.

September 8th, 2018