Life is too short not to EAT THE BROWNIE

Life is too short not to EAT THE BROWNIE

Life is too short not to eat them — DELICIOUS FUDGEY BROWNIES 😋

Now, most people see this and classify this as a “BAD” or a “CHEAT” food.

There may even be guilt associated if you have one, or heaven help you, maybe even TWO! (shock horror!)

I know this because I once thought this way.

Want me to tell you what I now see when I look at these brownies?

I see that they contain:

WHOLE EGGS. A great fat and vitamin D source, even a good iron substitute if say you don’t eat a lot of meat like me

COCONUT OIL. An excellent saturated fat source

WALNUTS. Yet again another excellent fat source and micronutrients such as vitamin B6, vitamin E and folate

GLUTEN AND GRAIN-FREE. So suitable for most, yet still delicious

NO ARTIFICIAL NASTIES! Only stevia used in these, so again, if you have a sensitive tummy like me, these won’t leave you scaring your hubby with noises coming from under the covers!

SUGAR-FREE BASE MIX. I find a lot of premixes use a ridiculous and unnecessary amount of sugar. NO SUGAR ISNT BAD! But at the same time, if this healthier alternative tastes great why the hell not!

My point being, these brownies have so much GOOD about them. They actually add some variance and quality fat sources into my day which I appreciate.

Getting EDUCATED when it comes to my nutrition is what helped me overcome seeing food as GOOD VS. BAD.
I love seeing my clients gain knowledge and also overcoming this hurdle.

I look forward to enjoying most likely two of these little babies and if you are not in a place where you could too why not reach out and let us help you get there! Life is too short not to EAT THE BROWNIE.

Coach Jess

June 25th, 2020