Eating Our Feelings

Eating Our Feelings

A lot of the time, I have clients tell me they struggle with emotional eating or mindless eating. At the end of the day, this is a bad habit.

A bad habit that your mind goes to when shit hits the fan so to speak.

There is not one thing that will fix this, BUT my biggest piece of advice with everything that has been going on over here is to control what you can control.

I once prepped and stuck in Bali, I didn’t plan on being there for too long.

I didn’t bring most of my standard things and as well as not having my normal gym, routine and structure.

Does this mean “fuck it” so to speak? I’ll just eat what I want because I’m under a bit of stress? Or “fuck it” because I can’t train the same as when I’m in home?

Hell no! Instead, it means to control what I can.

Which means I have a choice when it comes to food. As much as I would like to eat my body weight in pastries back then, my long-term goals satisfy more than a short-term moment of happiness. If you’re going to move every time you’re stressed or something doesn’t go to plan is “fuck it” then you’re going to have a hard time getting results and compliance long term.

Sometimes when it comes to food and choices, just take a second to breathe and focus on controlling what you can and making a choice.

Because the choices you make = the results you get. Simple.

And my results were more important than pastries. I did have a bite of a doughnut because #flexibility… but TRACK it.

Eating crap makes you feel like crap, so the goal here is to have as much nutrient density as you can.

September 2nd, 2018