Social Media is NOT Real Life

Social Media is NOT Real Life


I remember doing this quick shoot in the gym for work and having the photographer go “grab a weight.” No warm up, act natural and just casually overhead press 40kg sans warm up any form of mobilisation pre with on and off shoulder bursitis the past few years.

The reality is I could have grabbed 20/30kg but my ego was like “no son you grab that 40kg.” Now I know this isn’t a very drastic representation of social media vs. real life because I would like to believe my social media is pretty real sans a few snap chat filters that give me life. The reality is I wanted to show my best self.

But what I’m trying to say is if a weight looks easy, if something looks effortless, if someone looks flawless, if someone appears “perfect”, I would say their social media is a highlight reel.

Which is an OK in my book if you want to leave your social media as a snapshot of the best moments of filtered moments of your life. You go Glen Coco and I throw no shade.

But the reality is just be real with people and own it. “I posted this picture of my ass because I squat and I’m damn proud of it” rather than throwing some motivational quote below it about world peace. I used to be that person. Let’s just take social media for what it is. For a lot of people standing in a bikini holding a protein shake – it’s a BUSINESS.

For most people tagging designer clothing, again it’s a – BUSINESS.

And again, that’s ok, at the end of the day I post about health, fitness and motivation/mindset and that’s my business.

At the end of the day, what you post aligns with your goals, ethics and morals, you should give no fucks.

But the reality is there are people who post photos with fake weights, buy followers, buy comments, buy a life really to become an “influencer”.

AKA get brands to pay them money to post.

If you’re selling your soul to the devil to promote a supplement you don’t even take and falsely representing your life in that way, that’s your call. But as a consumer, LOOK CLOSELY. I don’t blame the companies/models. They’re the smart ones making money (although not the most ethical) but you can filter your social media choices, following and comments as good as you can as the pretty filter on Snapchat.

Choose what you consume. Because that’s your environment, what you view.

Do you want to view reality? If so, follow the accounts. Support those who aim to be real.

I appreciate each and every one of you who leave real and positive comments on my posts and support anything I aim to do in the fitness industry as it really is a brutal world.

Your head coach,


August 16th, 2018